Will duty free be introduced following Brexit?

You will still be able to shop in the EU after Brexit and you will still be able to pick up a last minute purchase at the Eurotunnel Le Shuttle terminal buildings before your crossing.

Currently there is no Duty Free shopping on trips between the UK and countries in the EU, and the UK Government has yet to announce whether it plans to reintroduce it after Brexit.

Duty and tax paid shopping, however, remain one of the drivers of international travel between the UK and the EU.

British citizens are currently able to move alcohol, oils and tobacco (among other goods) between the UK and the rest of the European Union without having to pay excise duty taxes on those goods at the UK border.

Currently, there is no defined limit on the quantities of alcohol and tobacco that British citizens can bring back from the EU, provided:

  • Travellers transport the goods themselves
  • The goods are for personal use or to be given as gifts
  • The traveller has paid duty and tax in the country of purchase.

although, UK government guidelines do suggest the following upper limits per person:

  • Wine: 90 litres (128 bottles)
  • Beer: 110 litres (193 pints)
  • Spirits: 10 litres
  • Cigarettes: 800

Eurotunnel already has a reserve and collect service available for Flexiplus customers to ensure that they can shop without adding time to their journey.

Further information on the future of shopping in the EU can be found here: Gov.uk, Gov.uk & Gov.uk

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