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A Car Lovers Dream in Monaco

Monaco is best known as James Bond’s stomping ground, and the home of Formula 1. All car fans need to visit!

Monaco, the home of extravagance, gambling and cars! When you visit this principality, you will definitely be able to spot a supercar or two, or three! For any car lover, Monaco is a must-visit. But, just where do you park up and experience the amazing cars?

Supercar Spotting at Casino de Monte Carlo 

11 hour drive from Calais

Once the summer months settle in, so do the supercars. One of the best places to spot the Ferraris and Lamborghinis is Casino de Monte Carlo. At night, more often than not, you will see a line-up of beautiful cars outside the famous casino’s steps that could rival Top Gear! If you’re planning on taking a trip into the casino, remember it’s an excuse to dress up, with jackets recommended after 8pm.

Top tip:

If your children are supercar fans, why not make a fun game for them? Make a list of their favourite cars, and tick off each one you come across.

Exhibition of HSH The Prince of Monaco’s Vintage Car Collection

11 hour drive from Calais

Prince Ranier’s extensive car collection
Take a step back in time when you walk through Prince Ranier’s extensive car collection.

The handsome Prince Rainier of Monaco was quite the eligible bachelor, until he was taken off the market when he married film star Grace Kelly. They became one of the most famous couples in the world, thanks to their glamorous looks, and enviable lifestyle.

As well as his marriage to Princess Grace, he was also known as an avid car lover. His car collection started during the 1950s, and continued right through his life. In fact, it grew to become so vast, that his already large garages became completely full, and no more cars could fit in! In 1993, he decided to relieve some space, and open his one of a kind collection to the public.

For a small entrance fee, you visit the museum to marvel at these classic cars. From Rolls Royce to F1 sports cars, it’s like a sweet shop for car fans, big and small!

Adults: €6.50

Children (8-14): €3

Walk Circuit de Monaco 

11 hour drive from Calais

The Circuit de Monaco
The Circuit de Monaco is not only one of the hardest tracks to drive, but also one of the most beautiful.

Just as it’s famous for its Hollywood royals, luxurious casino, designer shops, and heavenly beaches, Monaco is also well known for the Grand Prix. Every summer, thousands of people flood the streets to see the world’s most famous racing drivers compete for one of the most esteemed sporting titles in the world.

Unlike the UK’s famous Silverstone, the Monaco Grand Prix doesn’t take place on a prebuilt track. Instead, it’s laid out on the streets of Monte Carlo. If you can’t make the Grand Prix, you can walk this 2.94-mile track, and imagine the roar of the crowd (and the cars). The track snakes through Monaco, past the historic buildings and looks down on to the sparkling turquoise sea below. Famously, it includes a tunnel, only one of two F1 tracks in the world to do so, the other being in Abu Dhabi.

The track involves a lot of twists and turns, meaning that only the most skilled drivers excel here. If you come to see the Monaco Grand Prix, don’t expect to witness overtaking, as there are far too many bends for that. The racing driver Nelson Piquet said the course was like ‘riding a bicycle around your living room’. In fact, some of the corners are so tight that F1 cars are specifically designed to negotiate them, including the infamous Fairmont Hairpin.

Start your journey to Monaco with ease. It only takes 35 minutes from Folkestone to Calais when you travel with Eurotunnel. Sun, fast cars and beaches are nearer than you think!


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