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Driving to Disneyland Paris

Are you a big Disney fan? YouTuber SoHelena tells us about the benefits of driving to Disneyland Paris.

Myself and my boyfriend Martyn are huge Disney Fans and enjoy vlogging our trips for our YouTube channel, SoHelena. Last year we visited Disneyland Paris for the first time as adults and as soon as we returned, we were already thinking of our next trip.

In January, we woke up on the day we were due to depart excited for our holiday. We booked an early shuttle to make the most of our first day in the Parks. We set off with enough time to get there at least thirty minutes before the departure time. Flask of tea and a car picnic neatly stored at my feet, we were away on our adventure.

Eurotunnel Le Shuttle
Taking Eurotunnel Le Shuttle is the fastest way to France by car.

Eurotunnel to Disneyland Paris

Once we arrived at Folkestone, we checked in using the touch screen service. Before Martyn could start entering the vehicle registration, the touch screen had scanned the car and done it for him. Easy! We had just enough time to stretch our legs and explore the shops and restaurants. Just like an airport it is a great place to do some duty-free shopping. On a side note, as you don’t have a weight limit to worry about, you can buy as many Toblerone's as you want…

A giant screen in the car park told us when it was time to board, we made our way through security with our passports at the ready and then drove onto the shuttle. We kept saying how space age it looked inside, comparing it to the Disney attraction ‘Star Tours’. The 35 minutes flew by and before we knew it, we had arrived in France. Martyn couldn’t get over how quick it was, it meant that he was still energised enough to drive the remaining three hours to the hotel. What we found nice about driving was that we had the freedom to take everything at our own pace, we could stop when needed to grab snacks.

Watch our journey on Eurotunnel Le Shuttle to Disneyland Paris here:

Disneyland Paris

Where in France: Coupvray, Paris
Drive from Calais: 312.0km / 2h 55m

We stayed at Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne, it has been recently refurbished and the new Texas ‘Toy Story’ themed rooms are incredible. We absolutely loved it and never wanted to leave. As we had booked an early shuttle, once we had checked into the room and unpacked, it was still only the afternoon, leaving us with time to enjoy the Parks.

As soon as we turned down Main Street USA and saw Sleeping Beauty’s castle in all its glory, we felt the magic even as grown up children. For the next four days we didn’t stop, no moment was wasted. Mid-January seemed like a good time to visit as the crowds were quiet, meaning we could ride our favourite rides (like Tower of Terror, Rock ’n’ Rollercoaster and Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain) endless times.

Hotel Cheyenne
Our Toy Story themed room, in Disney's Hotel Cheyenne. Credit: SoHelena

Meeting Mickey

We met Mickey Mouse and even got a picture with Darth Vader. We tried to keep our cool but I must admit, even at 27 years old he was pretty scary. We became Space Rangers, challenged to defeat the evil emperor Zurg! Although in reality it was mainly about me trying to beat Martyn in a best of three competition. To see who won make sure you watch our SoHelena vlogs.

In the little time that we did rest, we ate in the restaurants. We booked the Full Standard Disney Dining Plan, meaning we could eat in the buffet restaurants including La Grange at Billy Bobs, Plaza Gardens, Agrabah Cafe and Restaurant des Stars (make sure you try the Red Velvet Cake!).

Crush Parade
Crush from Finding Nemo in the Disney Stars on Parade! Credit: SoHelena

Disney Stars on Parade

You can’t visit Disneyland Paris without watching the Disney Stars on Parade, we were thrilled to hear the 25th Anniversary music and we couldn’t resist bopping our heads and singing along. The Disney Stars on Parade is incredible, all of your beloved childhood characters in one place and some newer characters thrown in too.

No Disneyland Paris holiday is complete without watching the firework and visual show, ‘Disney Illuminations’. It is performed every night and is always special, there are beautiful projections of characters on the castle and the fireworks create the perfect backdrop. They certainly know how to do a firework show!

Sleeping Beauty Castle
A photo in front of the Castle is a must! Credit: SoHelena

Heading home

On our day of departure we booked a later shuttle to make the most of our last day. We had enough time to ride our favourite attractions and grab a Chip and Dale Christmas decoration, before setting off on our way to Calais.

We arrived at check in a little earlier than planned but instead of having to wait around for our scheduled shuttle, we were given the option to leave on an earlier one! Again, 35 minutes was no time at all.

To beat the Disney blues we are already planning our next trip and will definitely be using the Eurotunnel again. It makes Disneyland Paris such an easy and accessible holiday destination and we love the freedom that driving there brings. If you want to see what we got up to on each day of our trip in more detail, then head over to the SoHelena YouTube channel to watch our Disneyland Paris 2018 vlogs.


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