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Nausicaá, Boulogne-sur-Mer

Home to over 35,000 fish and other marine creatures, Nausicaá is the ultimate undersea family day out. Get to stroke the stingrays, meet the Penguins, have a close encounter with the sharks and much more. A hands-on experience that combines education and entertainment.

Nausicaá, located in Boulogne-sur-Mer on the seafront, is more than just a mere aquarium: it is the largest exhibit in Europe dedicated to the discovery and protection of the marine world.

With more than 58,000 animals, Nausicaá is an incredible destination for families: marvel at the majestic pelagic rays and hammerhead sharks, explore the beauties of the tropical lagoon, attend the medical training of the sea lions and many more experiences!

New! 19th May 2018

Built in the shape of a Manta Ray, the new building houses a tank holding 16,000m3 of water - equivalent to four Olympic pools - and modeled on the island of Malpelo, off the coast of Colombia. Sharks, manta rays and shoals of other fish will populate this ecosystem, with almost 60,000 creatures in the community.

View of the new entrance
View of the new entrance.

In 26 years, over 15 million visitors have come to try unique experiences such as "Shores and People". On 19th May, a brand new aquarium will open, doubling Nausicaá’s area:

  • 58,000 creatures including hammerhead sharks, manta rays, clownfish and shoals of fish
  • 16,000 m3 of water
  • an 18-metre long submarine tunnel
  • a viewing panel, 5 metres high and 20 metres wide
  • a 7m deep trench
  • new technologies and interactive tools enhancing the visitors’ experience and much more…

The vast viewing panel gets you right up close to life under the sea and a spectacular view of the tank.

The submarine tunnel
The submarine tunnel.

An 18-metre-long transparent tunnel offers a totally immersive experience with panoramic viewing angles as if you were among these truly impressive creatures.

Aquariums and exhibitions

Visit giant aquariums, attractions, animal reserves and exhibitions featuring live broadcast from all around the world in the interactive TV platform. A unique and inspiring opportunity to learn more about the fascinating world of marine life.

Aerial view of the lagoon
Aerial view of the lagoon.

The Californian Sea Lions

Sea lion training
Sea lion training.

The Californian reserve has 400 seats in terraces covered with bamboo. Come and observe the Californian Sea Lions as they exercise every day. The public can attend daily trainings of the 6 sea lions, presented by their carers.

Upon leaving the Californian Sea Lions' Reserve, discover the new area dedicated to biodiversity and protected marine sites. Enter into the universe of marine parks and the immense wild domains that are inhabited by seals, elephant seals or sea lions.

Getting there and around

An unforgettable deep sea adventure... Less than a 45 minute drive on the motorway from Eurotunnel Le Shuttle's Calais Terminal.

NAUSICAA - Centre National de la Mer
Boulevard Sainte Beuve - B.P. 189
62203 Boulogne-sur-Mer Cedex
Tel: + 33 (0)3 21 30 99 89 (Reservation)

Opening Times:

09:30 to 20:00 (local time)
09:30 to 20:00 on Saturdays from 19th May 2018
Annual closing period: Closed on 18th May 2018 and 1st-21st January 2019

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