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Parc Astérix

There are fun rides for families…

Menhir Express

Menhir Express - ©2016 les éditions Albert René/Goscinny-Uderzo


On Romus and Rapidus,you will rock and roll on your raft. The Gauls have sabotaged this scenic journey, which will soon turn into a shower for the brave souls who dared to come along. Laughs and splashes guaranteed.

… and thrill seekers

Drift along a river surrounded by greenery and filled with aquatic effects to discover the Gallic spirit for yourself. And the grand finale? Oh, just a little 11-metre drop!


Oziris - ©2016 les éditions Albert René/Goscinny-Uderzo


On Oziris, an inverted coaster, you’ll find yourself zipping along at over 90kmph, 40 metres off the ground!

Set off on a Tonnerre de Zeus (Zeus’ wrath), a stunning circuit 30 metres high and reaching over 80kmph!


Goudurix - ©2016 les éditions Albert René/Goscinny-Uderzo


Goudurix begins with a gentle climb, perfect for admiring the scenery... But that won’t last long! After plunging back to earth at over 75kmph and racing through seven loops, each one crazier than the last, you won’t know which way is up! They don’t call Goudurix one of the most head-spinning coasters in Europe for nothing... Viking’s honour!

Whatever ride you choose, you will laugh, you will scream and you will get soaked!
So treat yourself to some unique and memorable sensations!

Good to know

Are your children shorter than the minimum height? No problem... You can enjoy the attraction one adult at a time, without queuing again!

Fancy staying longer?

Enjoy a break at the Hôtel des Trois Hiboux

Hôtel des Trois Hiboux

Hôtel des Trois Hiboux- ©2016 les éditions Albert René/Goscinny-Uderzo


Located in the midst of the Oise Regional Nature Park, make the most of the exceptional natural setting offered by the hotel and of its many other advantages: 100 rooms looking out over the forest from a terrace or a balcony, direct footpath to the park itself, meet the characters*, magic show*. Other partner hotels are located just a few minutes from Parc Astérix.

* weekends and school holidays only

Getting there and around

Parc Astérix is approximately a 2 hour drive from Eurotunnel Le Shuttle Calais. Follow the A26 then the A1 motorway. Take the direct exit for Parc Astérix between exits 7 and 8.

Parking fee of €10.

Parc Astérix 60128 Plailly, France

GPS coordinates for Parc Astérix
N. 49.135143 - E. 2.565823

Opening times

Parc Astérix is open from 1st April to 5th November 2017.
Please check opening hours and days on


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