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Fare Finder

Are you a business traveller?

Spend less time travelling and more time away

35 minute channel crossing

Motorway to motorway access

Price includes up to 9 passengers with unlimited luggage

Top tips for business travellers!

  • You know what time your meeting starts - but don't know what time it will finish?
    Choose Mix & Match - a standard ticket out and a Flexiplus ticket return.
  • Are you travelling on business for one or two days, then don't let travel prices put you off!
    Choose the Day / Overnight ticket, it's the same price for one or two days!
  • Are you taking important clients to the Continent?
    Choose Flexiplus for complete flexibility and exclusive lounge facilities.

Important LeShuttle Ticket Information

Short Stay Saver - Ticket must be purchased as part of a 5 day return. Return must be completed by midnight (local time) on the fifth calendar day. Price excludes summer bookings.

Short Stay Flexiplus - Ticket must be purchased as part of a 5 day return. Return must be completed by midnight (local time) on the fifth calendar day.

*The price shown is based on an average sized BMW 3 Series without accessories such as bikes or a roofbox on the top or rear of vehicle, trailer or caravan, 59% of cars travelling with us in 2022 were of similar dimensions to a BMW 3 Series. Our prices are indicative and based on a number of factors, including the ticket type, travel dates and time, length and height of your vehicle and accessories. Therefore, the price shown may not be applicable to your vehicle size or preferred date of travel and you may pay more or less dependent on these factors. For a more accurate quote for your journey please check our fare finder.

**For safety reasons we are unable to board motorcycles first, so Flexiplus priority boarding excludes motorcycles.

^Flexiplus lounge facilities are open UK 06.00 to 22.00 and France 06.00 to 22.00 daily. Outside opening hours the Flexiplus lobby with complimentary Starbucks and toilet facilities will be available. (Excluding coach.)

^Flexiplus Peak Day Charges - Peak Day Charges are payable on busy days. A Flexiplus ticket offers you a fully flexible and refundable fare. However, if you do need to travel on a Peak Day, a Peak Day Charge will be applicable. Charge starts from £10 up to £250* per leg.

All tickets are subject to availability. All fares quoted valid if booked in advance. Tickets purchased on the day of travel at Check-in will vary.