Eurotunnel Brexit For coach customers

  • Coach Assistants are available to assist with Coach Passport Checks in the Frontier control zone
  • Dedicated Coach Lane PAF Controls (Passenger) – 100% checks for all Coaches
  • Coach hall at PAF in Folkestone & Coquelles equipped with automated controls for coach passengers

Frequently asked questions

Will the Channel Tunnel be open after Brexit?

Yes - the Channel Tunnel will definitely be open after Brexit, and Eurotunnel will be operating as normal whatever form Brexit takes.

We are Brexit-ready and pleased to let customers know they can book with confidence.

Whatever the outcome, Eurotunnel le Shuttle will be here to offer you the fastest and easiest way to cross the Channel.

What documents will we need to travel?

We would advise that you read the Government recommendations to ensure you have all the necessary documentation in place. Prepare to drive in the EU after Brexit: bus and coach drivers

What happens if I’m delayed on the motorway due to Brexit?

Eurotunnel cannot control traffic flow outside of its terminals, however, we will continue to work with local authorities to ensure our customers are kept up to date. In the unfortunate event of a build-up of traffic on the motorway which results in customers arriving late, we will as always endeavour to accommodate them on the next available shuttle. Our service operates 7 days a week, 24hrs a day.

Will I be able to drive in the EU after Brexit?

Yes you will be able to drive in the EU after Brexit and Eurotunnel Le Shuttle will still be the quickest and easiest way to get to France by car, but you need to make sure you have the correct documentation.

We would recommend that you read the information fronted by the UK Government